Dubai Frame – A Bridge Between Dubai’s Past & Future

Dezember 2018
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Sunset Privat Burj Khalifa - highest tower in the world

Dubai – privat aus 500m Höhe oben erleben –


#DubaiFrame intends to carry out a structure, which uniquely highlights the #Dubai landmarks. It develops an aesthetic and also building spots that creates a bridge between the past and today, to be a crucial attraction point for traveler visitors as well as residents alike, as well as is anticipated to draw in virtually 2 million vacationers a year. It is in the form of a structure, with two towers of elevation 150m, that are linked by a 93m bridge on top of the towers. The room in between the towers creates a quite clear sight for the city from a high elevation. The bridge serves as an observatory supplying undisturbed sights of "Old Dubai" to the north, and also "New #Dubai" to the south.

Project Elements:

Dubai Farme's concept shows a trip through time, beginning at the mezzanine degree, where site visitors participate in an immersive experience standing for the Previous history. Projections, mist effects, smells, and also movement develop the immersive state of mind setup of the room. The Past Gallery embodies the suggestion of the job as well as tells the story of the advancement of the city and its past, and shows the old city utilizing the most brand-new & upgraded means of presentation that contributes to the production of a beneficial environment that develops & understands the renaissance taking place in Dubai.

After that, the site visitors are directed to the 2nd experience on the Skies deck degree that stands for today of Dubai. The visitors will be experiencing nonstop views of Dubai from all sides. "Old Dubai" to the north, and also "New Dubai" to the south. This is sustained by interactive applications such as enhanced reality activated displays, where the site visitor can identify various structures as well as land marks, by checking out intriguing truths or observing structures as well as spots in 3rd dimension.

Other innovations are used to stand for various elements of the present Dubai, such as design, economic climate as well as infrastructure.

The next experience gets on the other side of the mezzanine degree as well as it stands for the Future of Dubai. The concept of this gallery is to show Dubai HALF A CENTURY from currently into the future by creating an online metropolis via interactive projections as well as online fact modern technology.

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Sunset View on the highest tower in the world – Dubai

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    • Ahmed I do very much appreciate your views in this regard, however, my point is less of a personal issue but rather a shared one. My dear friend is Turkish and she hates arabs while her dad loves them ( ironic how our friendship works ) and she has confirmed this notion of anti-arab, and she ( along with the rest of Turkey ) do agree on this fact. So my position is not one of ignorance or misconstrued information, it is based upon factual experiences of arabs who travel to Turkey for tourism.

  1. Muslim will never get it. The greatness about other civilization is not the structure…when the oil is dried up, Middle East is doom.

    • Also I am confused about your profile description Kanji, are you against Islam and think it shouldn’t have a say in the government. Or are you just Muslim who think that Islam and governments don’t go hand and hand.

    • Rehan Zainul Abdeen I have no problem about Saudi’s Arabia government being influenced by Islam, but it shouldn’t have an influence on anything foreign or outside of Saudi Arabia. Also I don’t understand the war on Yemen… what did they do?

    • A city are not some big buildings. That time has already happened in the West. Buildings are a way of raising your ego, but some buildings are never a sign of the evolution of a society, of peace, of guarantees, of a city to live, of freedom, of security, of humanity.


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