Dubai’s Elite Female Police Squad

Dezember 2018
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Sunset Privat Burj Khalifa - highest tower in the world

Dubai – privat aus 500m Höhe oben erleben –


Given that she was a teenager, Omneyat Dawood Sulaiman dreamed of joining Dubai's prestigious law enforcement agency. But this was no arbitrary dream. Sulaiman's mom, Ghuson Almahmood, was among the initial female police officers in the Dubai Authorities and also is currently a significant on the pressure. Currently, at 27, Sulaiman is part of its elite all-women VIP security team. The device is accuseded of protecting stars, politicians as well as checking out VIPs. As one of the group's motorcycle professionals, her abilities have been sharpened to excellence.

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Sunset View on the highest tower in the world – Dubai

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92 Kommentare

    • Dirty Dan they don’t kill Gay People… They just deport them back to their own country + they have made it to 50/50 that Catholic/Christian People can use a hotel/building to use it as a Church 😀 .. – Dubai is a nice Country – I’m from Philippines btw.

    • Dirty Dan wrong, I’m Christian and I’ve been to Dubai many times so no they don’t discriminate Christians if anything it’s Saudi Arabia for only allowing Islam

  1. I am happy to see Muslim women speaking beyond the suppression of cultures and working towards their dreams. This is what female should do instead of settling for whatever men or culture tell them as shameful and forbidden. We should only follow what our religion says, and as long as you are serving your society and doing the best job you can and love, be proud. People talk all the time, their opinions don’t matter, what matter is yours .. belief in yourself.

    • We will be doom they need makeup to go in battle A Women Navy seal will get people killed for Them looking at there nails to long #ThisIsWhyWomenAre #NotAbleToDoTasksLikeThis #ToLongInTheMirror

    • CommentCop Badge#666 In an all female squad, you won’t have to deal with men as much. The squad could be more detail oriented, more orderly, things would get done faster, ect. There would be less pricks on the squad.
      A lot of things would be different, because as it turns out, men and women are different.

  2. All those talking about slaves are trying to tell me you never went to wallmart, or bought a $5 shirt, or stayed at a luxury hotel on your vacation, or used an electronic? PLEASE. You KNOW someone washes those towels, and puts together those toys, and picks that cotton, and risks their live for a miserable pay to mine those metals that are used in your electronics. The world isn’t black and white. But sure, go ahead, keep thinking that YOUR way of life is not harmful.

    • Not the same thing. The sort of treatment laborers receive in Dubai is much worse than what sweatshop workers go through. Besides, Dubai has these people working within its borders, and does nothing to stop this practice, while western nations, international companies go through 3rd parties in other countries who have sweatshops.

    • IM VEGAN exactly. that was the point of my comment. that we ALL are a part of this system. myself included. there’s no escaping it. yet, you don’t see me commenting below on the *gasp „evil people of dubai who use modern day slaves“, while completely missing the point of this video 😒

    • Alex Drumm „getting payed poorly“ is when you flip burgers at mcdonald’s. that’s not what i’m talking about. might wanna educate yourself. and, as said above, nobody’s getting freaking stoned for not wearing hijab in freaking dubai, are you for real right now

  3. Good to see women in Dubai are encouraged to pursue their passion without any hindrance hope other middle eastern or Islamic countries follow too. Great women keep the good work .


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